Monday, March 7, 2011

JuJu the Donkey's Buck Wild Hike (ft.) Bruiser the Dog

Today was the first time i have dared to take JuJu the donkey on a walk, since her last run away stunt to the neighbors house. In our case, the grass really is always greener, cause we dont really have any grass. So, she has a point.
Our odd herd (trio of unlike species- human, donkey, dog) had an awesome time hiking to the top of "bob knobs" ridge and overlooking one of the most fantastic parts of Western North Carolina.
On our walk JuJu really made the saying "buck wild" come to a reality (watch video below)...
Once we got to the top,
JuJu ate grass, Bruiser was the ever ready body guard, and I listened to headphones, felt the wind, handed out treats and enjoyed it until the cold felt less good then the view.
On the way home,
JuJu did run away AGAIN... and ya'll know how that goes.

Anyone wanna come help me get her back home?



quarkcherry said...

Is there any medical reason you don't ride the donkey? She's not being used for her purpose - which is kind of confusing for her. You really need to be taking the reigns literally and metaphorically - donkeys as a rule are beasts of burden. It's their DNA.

kirk said...

great hiking companions! my goats used to follow me like that everywhere i went.

Stephanie Alice Rogers said...

Did you get anyone to help you? I wish I could volunteer but I'm miserably sick.

Bob said...


absolute nonsense. Everyone wants to be liberated. You must be a crazy. It's in your DNA

george said...

I think I am in love. This is the type of woman that I have been looking for, few and far between, willing to living of the land and be at one with nature. ps I real love boxers too, such great dogs show a lot of affection.

Peace, Quiet, Joy said...

Each animal has their own purpose in life. Donkeys, oxen, bulls - are known as BEASTS OF BURDEN. That means - they carry weight. That is why they have broad shoulders, strong bodies and constitutions and relatively easy going - if not stubborn natures. That is HOW GOD MADE THEM *BOB*. They aren't in prison that they need to be *liberated* - they have a job to help mankind. If fact treating them like pet makes them feel confused. The world laughs at your silly liberal mindless notions. Please consider being less of an ass. Thks.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

I am gonna dare to say my opinion here about the "beasts of burden" debate...
I have to say #1, i dont believe a god put animals here for us to just use.
I do believe there is an order to what uses what on this planet, in the eco system, one that means to be harmonious.
With that being said, as far as a donkey's DNA, if anyone altered their DNA it would be humans from breeding them to be that way but actually donkeys are one of the least altered domesticated animals that exsist on earth, and they maintain their natural instincts above all other like animals.
Hence, you can not breed their coyote killing instincts out of them.
My other thought, is that donkeys did not pile heavy loads on each others backs, doing this to them was a human choice that had nothing to do with their DNA --- and yes their natural freedoms.
I am not trying to work JuJu, but i would like to train her to ride if it works out. I do everything very slowly, non violent, and methodical which make frustrate other people to watch ....
but unless you have a donkey yourself and have it 100% trained to utter perfection and are the donkey whisperer ---then i am not sure i will jump to take advice. Its not personal, its just any off hand advice i did take in the beginning with JUJU from non donkey owners ended in disasters.
Like broken bones... which i can not afford to have.

Another note about Beasts of Burden.... many people in many countries think along these lines, and they will work mules and donkeys till they die at the end of the day. There is a fine line of abuse that can be crossed, and i do believe as is in human nature, we like to convince ourselves we are somehow the highest and that makes us most deserving -- and instead of working in harmony, we end up working an animal for our own benefit.

As a side note - i enjoy walking with JuJu and dont always feel the need to ride her, i like the exercise.

----- and i got her home today, on my own! xoxoxox

Lars said...

It seems like Ju Ju is the favorite child but I think Bruiser loves you more!!!

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Bruiser is actually not my dog... he is my neighbors dog but has taken a liking to me and the donkey, and especially when we go for walks. :)))
So really JuJu is the only --- i try not to give too much to Bruiser cause i dont want him to be confused, and not go to his real home. Although it is very hard cause it's not in my nature to ignore him either.