Friday, March 18, 2011

7 Eggs!! I Am Rich!

OH myyyy GAWD! My chickens are actually laying eggs! Last summer they were dry as a bone, hardly a chicken could do a thing it seemed. I had almost lost hope in the flock, i thought maybe they were too old, too inbred, too many bought at auction.
But alas! Warm weather and alot of free range fun = seven eggs this morning.
What is even cooler, two of the hens appeared to be setting (both the Rhode Island Reds)... i let myself get pecked as i pulled all the eggs from the nest to put in my basket.
I will let them have the next batch --- if they make babies too, I am going to explode with excitement!


Nova Scotian said...


Ike said...

Exciting!! It looks like it is nice and sunny and warm there too!!

Colorful Canary said...

Gotta love those chickies...Lovely eggs and nice basket too.

Yvonne Mokihana Calizar said...

Beautiful! Our three hens and nine ducks are filling up the basket too. Like Ike said: "nice and sunny and warm" you're in no-sleeves.

Been wonderING if you're able to use that electric motorscooter in your lucky land? I'm thinking about three-wheelie one with a canopy for getting into town since I'm less and less in my old Subaru.

Give me a shout about 'electric mobility'. Thanks, Mokihana