Thursday, March 24, 2011

DIY: Bamboo & Organic Cotton Crochet Bikini

Usually I like to share projects that are super easy... but what i thought would be fairly simple because the bikini is so small, turned out to be a project that took me about 4-5 days!
I decided to use very thin, silky bamboo yarn and a very small crochet hook so that the stitches would be tight - in fact I did the entire thing in a SINGLE CROCHET (SC) stitch, even though I planned on putting an organic cotton lining on the inside. Which actually made the bikini itself a little bit more heavy then the wispy fly away fabrics we are used to wearing --- if i was to do this project again, i might make a loose fun patterned stitch (filet or shell or leaf) and use a dark colored lining.
But I am happy with what i got! Very cute and perfect for getting a good tan.
I started out with 2 separate chains, for the bikini top - which would be able to tie in the front and tie in the back. On top the CHAIN (CH) I did a few rows of SINGLE CROCHET (SC), to add thickness. This would be the bottom of the bikini top.

The TOP::: this was really hard! Since i was not using a pattern, i had to test out at what rate I wanted to DECREASE (D) the SINGLE CROCHET (SC) in order to have my boobies actually covered! I had to pull my first triangle out and start over.

I added each triangle directly into the bottom straps I had already made. I left enough room for it to tie in the front between the two triangles, so that the bikini can adjust with not only weight changes, but also changes to the fabric (stretching, shrinking, etc)...

(see below)....

I used organic cotton, for the top straps and also for the inside lining....

the jersey style fabric has stretch and doesn't fray, making it really easy to work with.

At the top straps, i did a "no sew" experiment, and simply cut some slits into the bottom of the straps, used the back of a feather to push them through crochet holes.. and then tied the pieces together...

way cool trick!

Now the LINING :::

I did sew the lining in with a easy straight stitch on my sewing machine. (I think the "no sew" trick above could also be applied to the lining if done with style in mind.)

ahhhh, finished TOP!!! took me about 2 days or so....

The BOTTOM :::

I accidentally went a little skimpy on the front end, but its easy to add in stitches later along the outside border.... much easier then having to pull your work out and start over.

I used all SINGLE CROCHET (SC) stitches again, and also variations on the DECREASE (D) at the ends and beginnings of each row. The amount you will decrease, will depend on how big you want to make the bikini.

I used a well fit pair of panties to measure off of!!

(working on back end, to cover booty!)

THEN..... i crocheted the front and back pieces together.

(I made them separate because i am better at decreasing, then increasing stitches.)

and added the organic cotton lining, by sewing it in place...


mostly! I am contemplating adding some SINGLE CROCHET (SC) stitches to the borders along the front sides.... um, for obvious reasons. ;)

(back view)

Now I need the sun and warmth to come back so i can try it on... and wear it till it's thread bare!
(Will also try to take some pictures wearing it, when it's nice outside! I will add them to this post when i do.)
UPDATE :::::::::::
pictures of the bikini!!!!!
on the phone with my mom ... (yep, i don't use a cell!)
Close up....
Skimpy.... but its fits good, and i will get a good tan this spring & summer!


Ken said...

Now I know why there are cameras in the forest around your house.

Great work on the bikini. You are looking good!

Bort said...

Good is not the word to describe how she looks.maybe a couple of words with a few expletives.
Holy Shit you are fucking hot!
Absolutely breath-takingly gorgeous!
OMG I Want to bang you!
or just a good old HOLY SHIT!!