Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pee Wee's Thanksgiving (probably more true then the american version)

Truth be known, I don't celebrate Thanksgiving. Maybe it was a twist of fate, celiac sprue... or my native american DNA - either way I don't celebrate it, especially in the all American pilgrim luv way they try to force pre-schoolers to believe in.
When I was in pre-school we had a pilgrim play to perform for the adults. I arrived in my favorite faux fur fuzzy pink coat and once backstage I refused to take my fabulous pink coat off to put on the honky tonky pilgrim costume... I distinctly remember thinking the whole thing was creepy and wrong, a hippy would say "trippy" was the appropriate feeling I had.
In order to teach me a lesson, a punishment or maybe even humiliate me into accepting the American way of doing a Thanksgiving play, the teacher pushed me on the stage in my pink coat anyway. Instead of crying though, or running back to put on the brown smock I quietly began to protest... "I don't wanna be up here..."
"I don't wanna be UP HERE..."
repeat, repeat, and repeat...
until the embarrassed teacher signaled my embarrassed parents to get me down off the stage. My mom and dad pretended not to be related to me, my older sister sunk in her chair... aunts and uncles laughed their asses off since they had not birthed me, until one of them relented for my parents and went to claim me off the stage.

Here is a video i freaking LOOOOVEEE, of pee wee herman's version of the first thanksgiving with the pilgrims! It is probably more accurate then our history books.

Pee Wee Herman's story of the first Thanksgiving from Rob Ashe on Vimeo.



Teresa Evangeline said...

That. Is. Great. Love your little Thanksgiving pageant story. Sorry I missed it... Wish That was on video. :)

Michael said...

Yeah, some of us have really twisted thanksgiving into something sick and perverted such as in this video. I think if we all sat down and thought about it most of us have a lot to be thankful for and what better day to celebrate what we have received then on Thanksgiving.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Teresa!
Thanks :)

Michael -
I wrote a thankful list today, which is always a good thing. I don't mind being thankful, it makes life better.
It's the history that bothers me... maybe the obsessing over food too.
BTW_ I dont find Pee Wee's video perverted, i think it's hysterical. Especially when frankenstien shows up. :)))))

Michael said...

Hi Leslie

I read your thankful post, good to read :-) Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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