Monday, November 1, 2010

Artifacts Of The Luck Cabin

I found the Pepsi Cola can while hiking in the woods... the Pabst Blue Ribbon & Atlas Mason jar were dug up by my archaeologist chickens. :)
The cans are so thick, no one would ever make a can that thick these days unless it was holding motor oil. You can see how they had the older thinner/narrow flip tops.
This is totally before advertising took the flashy splashy subliminal turn it thrives in now, because all pepsi had to say for itself was "colored with caramel".
And Pabst beer's big splashy announcement ::: "no opener needed".
The Atlas mason jar was empty, but I like to imagine some moonshine had once been in it and had to be buried to keep it secret. But it all leaked out when the top rusted.


jason said...

That mason jar is awesome. I just used the mora knife for the spoon bowl, it makes it super duper easy because it is curved. I want to try to make a cup.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Jason,
Can you send a link to the kind of knife you have? I lost my awesome frost mora knife one day when chasing my donkey... I have another knife now that says frost on it, but not sure it's the same cause it also said "made in china". It needs to be sharpened before carving wooden spoons i think.
A cup would be awesome. I havent made a bowl , only a spoon yet. :))

jason said...

The knife looks like this:

I got mine a little cheaper on ebay.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Thanks Jason for the link!! :)
Those look awesome.

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