Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'm Thankful For...

Funny videos like this! (Thanks to my BFF Richard for sending this to me this morning!)


The only good part about Thanksgiving is the reminder about being thankful...
So here is what I am thankful for today::::
  • my donkey JuJu, and all my chickens, ducks and cat Toots
  • my lil' Luck Cabin, and all I have accomplished here
  • my parents
  • my axe & a good wood stove
  • my improving health (or so i like to pretend!)
  • organic & wild grown foods that keep me fed (especially amazake rice milk)
  • my blog The Oko Box and all it's readers, makes each day better
  • that i grew up in the wonderful & fun culture of New Orleans, LA
  • my friends who come out to the Luck Cabin to visit me
  • nature in general, and all around me
  • that I am able to dance
  • the deer hides I am about to get from the guy who is hunting on my land right now


Lou Cheese said...

Deer hides sound pretty cool. If you decide to keep them au-naturale, be sure to brush them out really good. As someone whose truck encountered deer on the highway several times over the years, every time I hit one or when those bastards would ram the side of my truck while I was just sitting there waiting for the herd to pass, my truck would be literally covered in deer hair. They must shed like crazy.

And three cheers for the deer hunter, making the roads safe one deer at a time. They were actually overpopulated in Wisconsin and they ended up developing a dangerous wasting disease as a result. If man does not manage the deer population, nature will. And since man has eliminated many of the deer's natural enemies, like wolves and coyotes, and we provide them with an abundant food source (massive grain crops), it's easy for the deer population to get out of control.

Joyful Living said...

I'm thankful for a window into the woods from a new and cool perspective. Happy Living Day.

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