Thursday, November 4, 2010

Eco DIY: Patchwork Blankie (from scrap fabric)

My ever ambitious mom entered me into a craft fair (ohmygawd Mom!), and I have only one month to make a craft booth's worth of eco friendly stuff! I am bracing myself for a month of non stop crafty mania...
and here is the very first project.
I have had this one tucked in the corners of my imagination for a while now, a patchwork blankie of luscious luxurious colors. A blankie made of only scrap fabric, sewn together in a simple way. I got the scrap fabric that was left over from a seamstress friend (it's amazing all the fabric that is left & discarded from people's pillow, curtain, and bed spread decor!)
I cut a buncha squares the same size (see top pic with my cat Toots in it). I cut enough so there could be four rows of six squares.
I sewed squares together - 6 in a row going up and down. (see pic above) I did this four times, making four separate LONG rows.

(NOTE: however you decide to sew them together, the important part is just being consistent. I laid the right side over the edge of the left side of each square and sewed a seam on top. Every time.)
I took each row, turned them to the under side and made a seam. A seam that would be covered later by the backing of the blanket.
The backing of the patchwork blankie was just a large piece of fabric i found in the scrap fabric bag. I pinned the patchy part on top to hold it in place, and then sewed a seam on top.
Once the seam was in place, I evened out the edges of the brown fabric backing, and then cut wide "fringe". Each piece of fringe was then tied into a knot at the bottom.
(this is the knot fringe after it was totally finished- see pic below!!!) Super rustic cute. ;)
FINIS :::::
I like it! I like it!
It was a little hard to do since it was my first time sewing something like this, but it only took me half the day. The hard part is just the tedious monotony of putting it together, not the actual skill it takes to make.
Totally worth the time! Wish I could keep it for myself. :)


busy little bee said...

Great job! I just found your blog a few days ago and have been enjoying reading your older post. I grew up in North Carolina!

Joyful Living said...

You are very talented ~*~

Mandy Lake said...

Wonderful! I just found your blog and I am loving reading your posts. You are inspiring me to make some changes in my life and my families, thank you!