Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ms. Buttersworth The Chicken Improves!

Here is my vid of Ms. Buttersworth my sick (but less sick now) chicken over the last 3 days. She is still staying in the Luck Cabin with me, but seems to be improving - thanks to everyone for their comments, ideas and help!

PS- For those that mighta missed it... Ms Buttersworth was acting strange, not seeking out food, shivering, hiding from the other chickens, isolating herself, lacking hygiene habits, acting confused & scared. She was eating and drinking if the food & water was brought to her, she just wasn't making any effort for herself.
I put garlic, ginger and usnea in her water and am keeping her fed by the nice warm wood stove.



Joyful Living said...

Hi Les,
If you can get some colloidal silver or make it yourself and put it on her comb area, it just might do the job. Also - there are a lot of anti parasite remedies out there for chickens that you might already have around.
Poor chick. Good for you for taking her in like that. Blessings, Joy

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Thanks Joyful Living for the tips!

Today I am putting her back outside cause she seems to be doing much much better!
She made her first attempt to fly somewhere besides her box, which was my decided orginal signal for improvement. I think it's been about 4 days.
Luckily the weather is warmer, so it will not be a hard transistion.