Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Cat Is Scared Of My Dancing

My Cat Is Scared Of My Dancing from Leslie Richard on Vimeo.

My Cat Toots gets really unraveled when I turn up the music and start dancing... I don't know why? But you can watch and see. ;)


Dancing Benefits ::::: Health, attitude, breathing, self love, feeling hawt, and the phobias of little cats. I have this idea that when people are happy they treat other people and the earth with kindness/balance. Dancing makes me happy.

Especially when I am snowed in with my very own cabin fevah.!



Aaron-Paul said...

Your cats not afraid of your dancing just gone up higher for a better view! Great moves :-)

Gratuitous said...

Off topic, but I noticed your refrigerator, and that made me think of how horribly inefficient all fridges are. Why should we use energy to cool things in a heated room when it's already cool or cold outside? Okay, convenience. What about a thermostat that controls a low-power fan through a small filtered pipe to the outdoors? And refrigerators are all under-insulated. Wrapping it in half-inch insulation would make it better. Although, the motor does produce heat, which is slightly helpful in winter. The irony gets even more ridiculous when you consider how many fridges it would take to heat a small room completely. Imagine that, ten or 20 machines producing heat, while working hard to keep their insides cold, while it's freezing outside just inches away.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Aaron-Paul... ha. ALways another view. thanks.

LOL. Way off topic ;), but not really with the bigger picture. To tell the truth I hate my fridge, i didnt want another inefficient fridge, muchless a large one... my mom bought it and it was delivered to the cabin, and it was so big they had to take my door off to get it in. I was thankful for her kindness, but i have always wanted one of those SUNFROST fridges that use almost nothing to run and are well insulated (meant for solar energy powered houses). I also have on my sustainable "to do" list, build a underground cellar for storing food. Especially at the cabin, it is cold here almost the whole year, never a hot night even. This is the kind of place a cellar could really do an equal job to a fridge. I have thought about it alot, and am plotting the spot to have dug out and build it in.

Some people don't know that fridges use MORE energy in the house then anything else run on eletric! It's the majority of our electric bills.

.... i also plan on building an outside cob oven in the spring time so i dont have to always use electric to cook during summer!

Bort said...

Hey gratu,no comment on the booty shakin or tit bounce?or even the pussey on the ladder?just fridge talk?cmon dude whats wrong with you?