Sunday, November 21, 2010

Eco DIY: Crochet Necklace

My eco crafting frenzy continues on (the craft fair my mom entered me in is December 11th!)
I liked this crochet necklace idea so much I wanted to share it with ya'll! There are alot of people out there who love jewelry but have allergies to either metal, chemicals in leather cords, or toxic fabric cords... I am one of those people and so I am always trying to come up with cute shit to wear that is eco, chem free, and safe. For this crochet jewelry project I used soy yarn! (Soy and Bamboo yarns are very silky and have a natural sheen.)
I would really like to elaborate on this crochet necklace idea, but for now here is the simple pattern I made up last night ::::
1. (ch) chain stitch --- make a crochet chain the length you would like your necklace to hang. I don't get anal about the math.
2. (s) single crochet stitch --- at the end of your chain, turn your work and do a single crochet stitch in the first hole.
3. (ch) 4 --- make 4 chain stitches off the single crochet.
4. SKIP 2 --- skip two holes AFTER you've made the 4 chains.
5. (s) single crochet --- make a single crochet stitch in the next hole AFTER the two you skipped.
6. REPEAT step #3-#5 --- this repeat makes the lace effect, repeat it till you get to the end of your original chain.
7. THE BALL/clasp --- when I got to the end of the lace, I did 6-8 DOUBLE crochet stitches all going into the same hole at the very end of the necklace. This make a fan or shell shape - which I then folded over once and used a SLIP STITCH to hold in place, the folded over again and did another SLIP STITCH to hold in place, creating a ball shape. The ball can then be poked through the lace holes to hold the necklace on!!! Way cool. :)))
8. Pendant --- I would rather do all crochet and make it really fancy, but for now a nice glass or ceramic pendant is fun! I tied it on with some hemp twine that was the same color as the soy yarn I used to crochet with.


Jenn said...

oooowwww! i want one of these!

Kittie Howard said...

Cool, Leslie, really cool! That soy yarn looks like silk!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Jenn!
I will make you one, I have to order more yarn this week cause I just ran out.

Kittie --->
Thanks! The soy yarn really feels silky too, it's shiny like silk also. Alot of natural fiber yarns are like that - bamboo, soy and banana fiber all look like yarn BLING!
Happy holiday to ya'll too!

Joyful Living said...

Beautiful Leslie. I used to do this kind of work when I lived in my cabin. Now I'm in transition waiting to hunker down again. Very nice indeed. Think it would work with a crystal?

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Joyful Living!
I was just thinking of making one with a crystal... would be so pretty! I love gemstones, rocks, glass, and crystals... some good natural bling bling. ;)

Joyful Living said...

I think you could get some really nice crystals in NC. They'd go like hotcakes if you ever wanted to sell em. Just do a strong criss cross wrap from all sides - it should hold nicely.

Vicky said...

Leslie, I love this pattern! Thank you so much for posting it. It's simple, fast, and super cute. In other words, a win in every category. I crocheted it just now, and it is currently on the blocking wires. I did not have a soy yarn on hand, so I used bamboo. May I ask what brand of yarn you used? I am happy with the way mine turned out. The bamboo yarn has a nice drape and feels soft against the skin (very important on things that go around the neck, IMO). I think on the next one, I might add some small beads at the single crochets.

Guess what the women in my family are getting for Christmas?

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