Monday, November 15, 2010

Big Spider with Striped Long Legs

Check this bad mamma jamma out! I was so super de duper excited to see a spider in my house, especially one so big that it might have to wash dishes if it wants to stay here more then a few days. The one thing about the cold days of Fall leading through Winter is that all my bug friends disappear (except for this one annoying fly living in the cabin that somehow pushes on through the odds, I hope the spider and him will meet up!) :0
Fantastic striped legs, of a reddish brown color with darker brown rings.
LONG legs.... and those eyes. Tiny eyes, 4 of them!
A nice artsy abstract pattern on it's back, reminds me of some kind of medieval shield. A off white with a touch of golden, running against the shiny black.
My cat Toots thought the spider was also the most exciting thing in the cabin since sliced gluten free bread... the spider played dead. Good idea Mister Stripes.
Can anyone ID Mister Stripes???


Anonymous said...

When in doubt on all things buggy: ROCKS!

If you wait for the page to load, then scroll waaaaaaaaay down looking on the left side, you'll see the link for the section for spiders :-)

Stephanie Rogers said...

Araneus cavaticus, i.e. barn spider, i.e. the spider from Charlotte's web. The shimmery butt threw me for a loop since most of the barn spiders in our area have rounder brown abdomens, but perhaps this one is male?