Sunday, November 14, 2010

Eco DIY: Organic Cotton "Alf" Dress

Yeah, ya read it right... ALF! ha ha ha.
This sewing project is more of a minor upcycle deal, see ya' don't need "Alf" to make this dress...(even though you might think you do!) All you need is an old t-shirt that is nasty, doesn't fit, etc from your closet, grandmaws closet or the thrift store... a t-shirt with a whimsical logo that can be cut out and re-sewn onto a new outfit. I put mine on an organic cotton dress I made from some locally woven fabric. But you could do this with a hoody and put the old logo/character on the back.
I pinned down my dress pattern on the fabric, which was the pattern I traced from another dress I already had.
And then chop chop! Cut out the fabric, leaving enough room for the side seams.
I had folded the fabric over, so that the front and back would be cut at the same time. I like efficiency... :)))
I left the pattern pinned on while I sewed in the seams along the edge... then unpinned the pattern.
I love making things adjustable! So I made the top of the 'sleeves' or straps the kind you can tie to any size....
Once the organic dress was sewn together, it was time for ALF!!!
CAREFULLY pin your logo on, you want it really flat and even so that it doesn't wrinkle or bunch up the front of the shirt or dress or hoody or whatevs you may be sewing it on...
Then SEW! I used the basic straight stitch and slowly went around the circle of Alfness...
hysterical? lovable? weird? so was Alf.
You can wear it with or without a shirt underneath... summer time, or fall time...
party time?!? WWAD ? ;)



Bort said...

that is very cute!

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Thanks bort... and thank for the t-shirt too!
Next I will have to use the "BullSheet" shirt you gave me :)))