Thursday, November 11, 2010

Eco DIY: Bamboo Ruffle Butt Party Dress

Ruffle BUTT! You can never accentuate your ASSet too much, that's why music makes you want to shake it. I saw a dress like this on Etsy but not only was it too expensive for my personal pocketbook but it didn't come in a sustainable fabric in the color purple. (Purple is my favorite color!) I got some stretchy purple bamboo fabric online, and got to sewing this booty jiggle gem.
STEP 1::
I used a tight stretchy sleeveless dress to trace a pattern... it's important that if you trace another piece of clothing for a pattern, that the fabric you are about to sew with has the same properties of stretch or no stretch. I used the heavy book trick (thanks to reader Liberty for the idea!) to hold the paper real flat.
STEP 2::
Lay your pattern on the fabric. I used pins to make sure it was tight. The fabric was doubled, with the fold at the top shoulder... that way I could cut the front and back out at the same time and the shoulders would already be connected without having to sew them.
STEP 3::
SEW. I sewed seams up the left and right side, leaving holes for the arms, where the sleeves were to go. I also hemmed the edges in the back, front and bottom. I was too lazy to take the pins off the pattern paper, and then put them back on again, so i sewed right outside the paper line for the seam, then removed the pattern.
Step 4::::
Why are sleeves so mysterious?? I don't think I ever do them the same twice, every time I am just shooting chance to the sky hoping a sleeve will work.
This time i took the arm hole existing and drew a sleeve that would accurately connect to it. It was a free hand experiment, with no measurements.
I cut out the arm pattern, then doubled the fabric twice to cut all the arm pieces out at once.
Then I sewed the sleeves on, just right on top the hole.
I took the scrap fabric pieces from cutting out the body pattern for the ruffle on the butt. I centered the first one and then just crinkled them up and sewed a seam across the top of each crunched, scrunched layer...
THE END::::::::::
Tight and comfy and ruffley- I am going to wear this all day. :)
YAY! Makes me want to DANCE...!


Teresa Evangeline said...

Everyone should where a ruffle butt dress (that they made themselves, if possible), as they hang clothes on the line. Love it!

esme said...

ditto Teresa! too sassy!

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey teresa!
Seriously. It's nice to dress up, even in the middle of nowhereville. :)

Esme... :) sassy!

Bort said...

Ditto nice ass!?