Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Gravity Fed Spring Water System (in the real!)

Ya'll might remember back when I first moved into the Luck Cabin, that a critter had pooped in the main puddling area of my gravity fed spring water. Not only that but the original system had all the piping (landscaping pipes) above ground which had cracked from harsh freezing temperatures in the winter, making the water pressure nearly nothing. The tank was also a small barrel that had some leaks too... with all the squirting water and the poop prob I had the system re-made this past Spring season, using the same spring water spot!
I wanted to make sure the pipes were deeply buried so that they would not crack in the winter (5-6 feet), and a big tank put in that could catch sediment (at the bottom naturally) and wouldn't leak unless the water overflowed the top of the tank through a pipe (called an 'overflow').

**This all could have been done with back breaking digging man power, but I needed water right away and had some dudes use a bobcat machine to get all this in place.**
The spring water source was also 'boxed in' between the rocks it was flowing out of to keep out animals... with just cement in the front and tin roofing on top the larger rocks that existed there already.
My main concern was that if all my house pipes froze that I would still have water easily accessible down at the cabin, and this was solved with a non electric water 'pump' of sorts that won't freeze in the cold, and pushes the water down underground till it's ready to use. (Watch the video below to see how easy it works, and how much water pressure blows out tha' thing!)

To Make a Gravity Fed Spring Water System You Need::::
  • Water source
  • Tank(s) to catch the water (more tanks create more pressure)

  • Pipes to get the water where ya want

  • Digging power to bury pipes & tank in colder climates

  • Ability to connect it to your house plumbing

  • Something simple to 'box in' the source if critters might be a problem
Here is a walk through vid I did today of the improved water system...
(guest appearances from JuJu the donkey, the chickens and my neighbors dog!)



jason said...

thats's so cool. juju loves you.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous neighbor here again.
That little thingie on the holding tank is the vent cap. It allows water to fill in the tank. Without it you would vapor lock and the tank will not fill properly. So keep the leaves and crap away from it. Get an old bucket and knock some big holes in it and set it over the cap. Nice little system ya got there. I love gravity water, lizzards and all.
Thanks for sharing.
Anonymous (with out fancy pants name)Neighbor

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Jason :)
I think the secret is to scratch a donkey's itchy spots, and sing to them in the evenings. There may be more to it though.

Anonymous Neighbor ---
Hey! Thanks for letting me know it was a vent. I think even if you get a smaller tank to do this project holes have to be cut in the top (from what i saw) for venting. I didn't realize mine was a vent because when the tank was put in by the nice guys at the Blue Ridge Well co. they told me it was for turning the off and on crank in there with a giant plastic key they made. And the larger opening was for cleaning the tank, etc.
I know there are probably alot of salamanders and crawfish in the spring. Extra nutrients. ;) lol

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