Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Boiling Chestnuts

I know I told ya'll I was going to roast the chestnuts I foraged for in my 'hood... but since I didn't have a pan big enough to lay them all even & flat in the oven, I decided to try and just boil them in some spring water. (This project was NOT a fail either! It's SOooooo Delicious. YAY!)

  • chestnuts
  • a knife
  • water
  • a pot
What I read and have been told numerous times is that chestnuts can explode while cooking. I've been told this same thing about sweet potatoes and never seen it happen... but I decided the chestnuts seem more like a bomb.

STEP ONE: Take a sharp knife and draw a lil' X on each chestnut to keep it from exploding. This also makes it way easy to peel open after they are done cooking!

STEP TWO: Dump all your X'ed chestnuts into boiling water. Let them boil for about 20 minutes.
STEP THREE: Peel open at the X and eat dat' yellow-ish nut on the inside. It's GOOD! Make sure you dont eat the funked out rotten gray ones (or at least I didn't cause they smell sour and bad).
It's so good, I ate them all at once. I couldnt stop!!! I felt like a f'en squirrel. :)
I have to go back to that tree and see if there's more...


treefrog said...

check out this video for an easy way to peel chestnuts:


Ms Meg. said...

Chestnut trees aren't something you see a lot of in Australia, so I was well excited to find one on this very old property we visited last weekend. The garden there had been planted with all sorts of european trees like walnuts and chestnuts, and luckily for me, it was chestnut time! I gathered so many, although I have yet to eat them. I so excited, walking around and filling my satchel with the nuts! I'm going to try them like you suggested.