Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hen Sitting On Ducks Eggs

My uncle loves raising ducks and chickens, and yesterday he dropped off a pile of duck eggs to see if any of my chickens would sit on them and make um' hatch. Why ya might wonder?
Well, humans have done things to animals, something called domestication... in fact humans went so far as to only breed over and over the traits the *thought* were the best. They bred the chickens so much that most hens have totally lost all instincts to sit on their nest, sadly some ducks too. It is now a rare bird who is willing to set, and the only way he has been able to hatch some baby ducks is to shove the eggs under a rare setting hen.
So I snuck some duck eggs through the back hatch in the barn/coop where the hens lay their eggs... (see pic above)...
One hen sits in the nesting boxes all night and her name is Skinny Minnie. She seems to sit alot, and prefers it to sleeping on the roosting branches- so my fingers are crossed she will somehow get a glimmer of maternal instincts and just warm them babies up!! Cause oh my gawd, everyone knows baby ducks are SOoooOOoOOoOO f'en cute, I could die just thinking about their fuzzy wittle selves, their quack and swimming, floating, riding the ripples.
Rootin' for Minnie to have some instincts & duck babies. Yeah, it'll be confusing that her babies like to swim and have big beaks... but hell a good mommy overlooks their ugly ducklings and excepts that the times are a changin'.



Kris said...

Keeping fingers crossed for you!!! Go Skinny Minnie!!

Joan said...

Good luck with the eggs. Do the job Skinny Minnie!

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

SO far she is sitting on them in the morning and at night, off and on during the day....
!!! come on MINNIE!!!!!!
I even put corn there so she wouldnt have to leave to eat.

Cosmic said...

Great idea I say(smart uncle:0)!


Leslie's Gone Oko said...

so far skinny minnie is now being haphazard with her sitting.
She;s got about 4 days left till the eggs are toast, so to speak.