Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Quack, Quack!

My ducks! These are the two duckies my uncle gave me for my birthday...
brown and beautiful. He said he at first thought he brought me two females, but by the time he left my cabin he thought he may have brought me a male and a female. And ya'll know what that'll mean...
DUCK BABIES. Which will make me totally cry cause baby ducks always make me cry with the powers of their cuteness.
This breed of ducks (which i have no idea what they are called cause my memory is about as good as one of those peeps in a nursing home with dementia), they lay alot of eggs. Like over 300 a year! The only catch is ducks don't really lay a nest of eggs in a regular place, so when you want to find the eggs it's like a easter egg hunt everytime. :)
JuJu the donkey seems to be uneffected by the ducks for the most part... especially since they are not in the gated area with her and the chickens. Beyond the gate she understands it's a free world, where she doesn't have to stomp ya. Plus, ducks can swim.

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Liberty said...

I love the reflection of JuJu in the water :)