Thursday, October 21, 2010

OHmYGawd, I Got A Video Camera!

Oh shit ya'll. My mom and dad gave me a video camera! (That lady in the pic above though is not my mama, just one of her BFF's trying to help me and my dad figure out the thing.)
When I asked my dad to tell me about the camera I assumed he so painstakingly picked out just for me, he said "I dont know". He gave me the instruction book, that little novel in like ten languages.
I pressured further by saying "but what did the guy helping you buy it say to you, didn't you talk to him about it..."
"No, I just walked in and said show me your best video camera."

AW yeah! I have no idea what this video camera is capable of, but it came with a remote control and I have a feeling ya'll will soon be seeing amazing close ups like my donkeys nostrils and lips, cool rocks, bugs, nature galore, my own dirty finger nails, and other such blemishes of life in the forest!
YAY yayayayay!
But for now... it's charging up.
Thanks Mom and Dad! Now I am gonna be famous. ;)


mara said...

Best DAD answer EVER!!!!

Joyful Living said...

Very cool!

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

for real.

Joyful Living -
yes! totally cool. I am obsessed now.