Friday, October 8, 2010

Fuzzy, Hairy, Gold Brown and Black Beetle

Somebody's got their winter coat on!
This beetle was milling around inside my cabin, and showed up just in time. Yesterday morning i was pouting about how all the bugs go away in the cold, and I love all the non-blood sucking ones so much I hate to see them go. I never thought about a bug that was season transitional like this one...
AKA, i don't remember ever seeing a beetle with a little furry coat on? Have you?
Animals grow in their winter fur, so why not beetles too?

I love the muted but contrasty colors in monotones of brown, black and a golden shine.
Can any of my fabulous astute readers identify this beetle? Maybe find out if it comes out specifically in the chilly cold?
This beetle was so relaxed, it didnt even care that the GOOGley EyEs of GAWD were watching it!!!
um, yes... This is what I look like when I get down on the ground and move up toward the bugs I take pictures of. Also when I come after them with googley eyes (or gumby). (The Beetle is in the front foreground of the pic below, partly cut out... the dark brown dot at the middle front edge.)



Cosmic said...

Whatever the species it's beautiful!


Gratuitous said...

I cannot identify this bug, and it's pissing me off.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

maybe the whole winter coat thing is new ?? Orrrrr
MAYBE i have discovered another bug! No one ever identified the yellow anchor bug from last year, not even entomology professors.
I hope I've found yet another freaky rare one! yipppeeee.

You my friend, should be an entomologist.

Gratuitous said...

Thanks, but I'm a real bitch sometimes so I might be better off as an Etymologist.

Gratuitous said...

Okay, so nowhere on the internet can I find an exact representative of this bug. But it does seem to be in the scarab family according to its general shape. This is the closest:

The "paddle" antennae are dramatically different, but the body shape is close. Should it turn out to be a new species, you should name it carefully, as it's rare that we get to make entries into the journals of history. I like the genus (if it's right), "Euphoria." Oh, the possibilities.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

I think that is it....
probably it's one of those cases like the get more spots each day as they age, or lose them.
As for the antennae, i bet the one i was taking pics of was holding those little paddle pieces together instead of having them flared. Or possibly the male and female have slightly different shaped ones. but it was SO close and Sooo accurate.
Bumble Flower Beetle!

Thats a good name :)

Heather said...

Im pretty sure this sick nasty bug stung the shit out of my foot a few nights ago and we had no idea what it was! it was a pretty painful sting too, and when we went to look it up we couldn't get the name of it!

kaela said...

Did you ever figure it out? i just found one in my house, my dog was attacking it, it has strong pinchers is all i know lol

Mama duck said...

I'd like to know because I spotted one in my garden this morning. Thought it was a bee at first.

Lee Hiller said...

This lovely scarab is a Bumble Flower Beetle. I photographed one on a trail in Hot Springs National Park on Mar 30 2014

Anonymous said...

I saw a very similar one in the Limousin region of France earlier this month.

Yzark Giarc said...

Just saw one this morning in SE Wisconsin.