Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Recluse Who Has A Party?

I did... for the first time in ten years. I had myself a little party.
It started out sweet with many close family members, some neighbors and my uncle setting up a shelter for the two ducks he gave me as a gift! I love ducks :))))
It progressed to a raging awesome bon fire with friends, and lots of good inappropriate conversation topics being discussed, like composting toilets... which generally leads to talk of urine and diarrhea. We talked alot about roaches too. These are things I love to talk about.
But as the night draws on boys tend to want kisses...
and I start to wanna rock out to satellite radio by a warm cabin fire....
and it ends close to when I pull out my best dance move, which is a New Orleans thing called 'poppin' I learned when i was 16. Two african american girls at my catholic school shut the classroom door when the teacher stepped out and told all the white girls they were going to show us how to actually dance! They jumped upside down on a wall and basically booty shook & humped the wall with their school skirts falling over their heads. I learned it right away and have been sharing it ever since.
At my party... I am 'poppin' on my own fridge.
Before I had this first party as a recluse I wondered if i'd ever want to have another one again after it was over....
I wonder no longer. Parties are good to have, and human nature is hilarious.


Stephanie Rogers said...

Damn, I see you waited until we left to start the booty poppin'. We had lots of fun and will definitely come out for your next one!

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Once i got closer to the music, there was no control.
Next time i will find a way to get those speakers out to the bon fire, that way i can demonstrate booty poppin on a large tree, while everyone can still have their bon fire conversations & relax outside.

Lou Cheese said...

The refrigerator is going to sue you for sexual harassment or ask for your hand in marriage.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Mr Cheese!
ha ha. Wont be the first time i was sued or ask to get married. Just not by a fridge.