Friday, October 22, 2010

Dancing In The Luck Cabin

That "crazy hippy" is me. Dancing in the Luck Cabin. By myself, just like Billy Idol suggests...... (it's very good for your health!)
Thought I would start off my video camera testing/testing 123 with an embarrassing hilarious BANG!

Now ya'll know what I do when I am taking a break from splitting logs, cooking meals, taking care of animals, walking in the peaceful woods and writing blog posts. ;)



Liberty said...

LOL! what fun
You're a riot!
(your fridge definitely loves you ;-)
I love 2:42
still laughing!

Benjammin said...

Leslie you are awesome :) Thanks for the smile!

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Thanks so much :))) I love my fridge too, i suppose.
Dancing makes my health better.... i am sure of it.

thank you and Your welcome :)