Sunday, October 10, 2010

JuJu the Donkey Discovers Her Own Reflection

On our walks together, JuJu has discovered many new things... things that are sometimes big and scary, things that are loud and noisy, fake animals, real animals, so many humans, so many creeks. Most of which she must slowly approach, each new situation is assessed in her mind for safety and potential fun before she can fully relax.
So when she discovered her own reflection, I thought possibly something terrible had happened.
I was picking chestnuts with my neighbor Nancy (at another neighbor's house who was out of town) when JuJu the donkey suddenly took off running! At the rate JuJu was going I thought she might run clear straight home, alone! I gave her a whistle and she soon came trotting back. Literally trotting like a freaked out show pony. She ran back behind the house we are at...
I assumed there was a large animal, either in the flesh or by scent because the only time I ever saw her run like that was in the threat of a bear nearby. Nancy wanted to know for sure and walked back behind the house only to discover JuJu looking at herself in the giant reflective windows!!

"Leslie, you better get back here I think she is going to go through the window, she seems really upset!"

I jumped down off the rock ledge from the chestnut tree and ran back there to find JuJu looking at herself in the window, and showing the reflection she was now IN HEAT!
Opening and closing her mouth, breathing out, making chewing sounds, lifting her tail (all symptoms of a donkey in heat)! She got hawt for her own beautiful self mirrored back to her!
Drooling and wiping her snot nose on the out of town neighbor's windows... she then took a piss and 2 big shits on their lawn too. Nicely mowed lawn.
JuJu was fully smitten with that "donkey"!
It took a LONG time to get JuJu to leave her reflection. I thought if the sun went down we'd be in luck, but it turned out the windows were tinted to be reflective on the outside regardless of light. The amount of coaxing I did was going no where. Treats were going no where. Nothing is as powerful as the urge to mate, I began to think, as I paced back and forth along the road hoping she'd come. I finally went back and waved my arms in front the window to make it seem hazardous. I tried stomping my foot, i tried pulling her rope. Running her off. Finally I just cursed, got mad and stormed off, thinking I had no idea how to get out this pickle.
Then, JuJu came running behind me.
I suppose there are some things stronger then the urge to mate. I am not sure what you call it though. She did Hee Haw back in the direction of her new friend half way home, just in case they might want to join us. :)


Lou Cheese said...

That is so funny. The first thing I thought when reading the post's title was "As many times as JuJu goes in heat she probably want to have sex with her reflection"....and sure enough, she did.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Mr Cheese- i know, ha ha. Terrible. But true. She really hoped her and her reflection were going to start something beautiful.
Like a baby.

Gratuitous said...

I'm so glad you've made peace with your ass. Many people think it's all just fun and games to have an ass, but as an Asian, I'm telling you we can't all take having an ass for granted. Your ass seems lovely; smart and gentle yet occasionally stubborn, like all asses. And in terms of appearance, I'd venture to say that you probably have the prettiest ass in the county. And with super powers, too! I wish I had an ass that could see itself.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

HOw Poetic you are, over asses! JuJu will be flattered when i tell her.

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