Friday, October 31, 2008

Voting Early On Halloween!

For Halloween I decided to take part in changing the future - and avoid long lines on election day. If you have an early voting station in your town, get over there right away and take advantage of the easiest voting of your life! Polls are predicted to be pretty crowded this year and Early Voting is a way to offset the crazy crowds that will show up to change the future with you... :)
PS- My costume is called "Hungry Like A Wolf" like the Duran Duran song and was made with 100% locally woven organic cotton, thrift shoes and a wolf hat I already had. Tomorrow I will post about how I made it!


Susie said...

omg Leslie, I love this!!

The Oko Box said...

thanks susie!
All organic chemical free costume!!! The downside was when i got to voting place everyone in there was wearing a dumpload of perfume and scented crap, so bad i could hardly breathe. The elderly man who took my info kept calling me "Miss Kitty" and all the ladies kept yelling at him "she's a wolf!" - it was awesome to feel like i was taking part in changing the future in some way, even if they were choking me out with their bad smell.