Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Calling All Eco Artists!

After successfully making some chemical free paintings out of poke berries and turmeric, I decided it would be alot of fun and profitable to have an underground gallery show (in Asheville, NC) that is specifically for selling non toxic eco art.

What does this mean? The art you submit to the gallery will have to be something made from natural, non chemical, non off gassing materials- examples are mud or berry painting, things carved from reclaimed wood, upcycled found objects (not new), drawings with charcoal from your wood stove, and other natural elements that can be put together. Materials such as acrylics, oil paints and glues are prohibited (even if is says "non toxic" on the bottle), replacing them with string, honey, natural element installations and homemade paints is the idea! Be creative and think out the box!
You can sell your artwork for whatever price you want, and keep in mind the gallery will take 10% of the selling price as a fee for the space. We will be able to take cash and credit cards at the opening.
If you have questions about a specific material or concern email me at lesrichard {at} aol dot com :)
The "Correct Gallery" opening/selling night is NOVEMBER 28th at 7pm !!! Super exciting, please come, sell your art, and invite everyone you know to join us (pass this post along!).

Correct Gallery hosted by The Oko Box
Asheville, NC


Susie said...

This is such a great idea! I love how this whole organic painting theme has become your new obsession.

Jim Jamesson said...

I am so there! Now I just wonder what the heck I can come up with art-wise? Leslie gimme some ideas! Ohh actually I might have a couple... :)

The Oko Box said...

Thanks Susie! Organic everything has been my obsession for a while- I just want us all the have a clean planet that will give us ALL an equal chance at good health and happy life.

I forgot to mention idea like sewing, fabric and needlework...probably not what you had in mind, but is definitely broadening the spectrum. :)