Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Goat Patrol, How To Clean Up Your Yard

What better way to clean up your yard, produce fertilizer, cut pollution and have a fun time, then to call the Goat Patrol! Started in the flatlands of North Carolina, Ms. Alix Bowman decided the best solution to overgrowth such as poison ivy, english ivy, honeysuckles and some other invasive plants was a natural solution. Goats. They will eat the hell out of your brush, weeded area, unwanted plants, and your lawn too! This is the most simple yet brilliant idea I have come across in a while, and would love to see this happening in every city.
"Goat Patrol offers an environmentally friendly solution to your weed and brush problems. Unlike noisy machines and toxic sprays, our goats remove problem plants quietly and safely. Our herd will happily devour poison ivy, honeysuckle, wild rose, blackberry, kudzu, privet, chinese wisteria, and more!
We supply the fencing, the goats, and the watchful eye of a knowledgeable goat herd. You supply the jungle in your backyard.
" To contact Alix about hiring her herd in the North Carolina area or for questions about how Goat Patrol works, go here.


Nick patrol said...

I really like honeysuckles though. Do they offer honeysuckle avoiding goat clean up crews?

The Oko Box said...

totally not. lol
YOu know I love honeysuckles too, but they are highly invasive and kill native plants which keep the eco system in balance. If you keep a honeysuckle, it's probably best in a confined area or pot- where you can control it.
It's too bad too, they smell, taste and look so good.

Susie said...

When I was a kid (ha!) we had a goat, a white one, she was so cute!! My mom would let her in the house and she would run around and jump up on the bed and we would laugh our heads off. I can still hear the clatter of hooves on the wooden floor.

Stephanie Rogers said...

Oh, jeebus, thanks, I needed this badly. I've contacted other goat owners in WNC and none were willing to let them eat poison ivy for some reason. My yard is totally infested!

Mokihana and Pete said...

This must be my day for picking up old threads. I just found this one while cruz'n The Canary Report, and the Goat Patrol is a wonderful sort of thing for what ails the Earth.

We had two goats when my son was a teen, Rasputin and Goatie ... they ate our hillside clean of blackberries ...I've read about other cities using goats, too. Now this is just another reason to check out which other cities are organizing in this direction.

Good Goats! Mokihana