Saturday, October 11, 2008

Humor: Ways To Save Gasoline

Because I can not get enough giggles off of environmental potty humor... Here is another silly list from the Asheville Disclaimer (the pun section of the local paper) :

"Ways to conserve gasoline
• Ride the bus, even if you don’t have to go anywhere, to show your support for fuel conservation.

• Instead of getting drunk and driving your riding lawn mower to the ABC store, take your electric weed eater instead.

• If you’re going to run someone out of town by burning their house down in a “lightning strike,” use wind energy instead of gas-soaked rags to start the lightning.

• When trolling for hookers, carpool with other Johns and share the first hooker you find.

• Put gasoline barrels beneath your home’s gutter spouts, so you’ll be ready when we start drilling offshore and cheap gasoline starts magically falling from the sky.

• Instead of gasoline, huff clean, green paint thinner. "

The Asheville Disclaimer (© 2007) is parody/entertainment-

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