Saturday, November 1, 2008

DIY: How I Made My Halloween Costume

All the materials for my Halloween Costume were organic, locally sourced, thrifted and things I already had on hand.
Whether you are making a Halloween costume or a holiday dress, the possibilities are endless & pretty easy... try copying a "pattern" to trace by using something that fits you well that you have in your closet. Make sure to allow a quarter inch extra around all sides for making your seam, and that the fabric's stretch is similar.
I started with a very simple pattern, then added leg warmers & arm warmers by sewing simple tubes.
The bow was from scrap organic fabric, that is also locally woven here in Asheville NC. I only sewed it in two places- one line along each side seam to hold it in place. I added some long sleeves since the weather on Halloween was supposed to be pretty chilly :)
For the paw claw gloves I simply traced a very wide line around all my fingers stretched apart - then made the tips pointy and sewed inside the lines. I LOVE my paw claws!
The finished product below included a wolf hat purchased as a gift for me from a local toy store a while ago, all organic outfit, organic leggings from a local shop, fair wage thigh high socks, fair trade & local lace-y bra, and thrifted 80's pumps!
I was dressed up as HUNGRY LIKE A WOLF, by Duran Duran!
Hope you all had a happy, fun and transformative halloween...

What did you dress up as? Did you upcycle, recycle or reuse?


Postmaster Nick said...

I was a XXXpress mailman. Had some special deliveries to make if you catch my drift. :)

andrea of ffft said...

What a cutie! Brilliant... reminds me of a show I did awhile ago based on fairy tales that were vamped up a bit. The wolf wore a fake fur bra and shorts and basically harassed people all night till her part in the show. Drinking people's drinks and sitting on the boyfriends laps of girls in the audience... I went as a stressed out single mom. As green as can be, I just walked out of the house. :)