Saturday, October 25, 2008

Humor: Voting Questions Answered

Another great giggle from the Asheville Disclaimer, putting your burning election questions at ease...

"Questions about voting?
We have the answers! The Disclaimer wants to help you answer any questions you have about the voting process!
Q: Can I vote in my underwear?
A: No, you need to vote in a voting booth. As of 1972, votes are no longer collected from individual undergarments.
Q: If I registered six times in three different counties, how many times can I vote?
A: You are guaranteed at least three votes, but you cannot vote for the same person twice.
Q: I don’t want to vote, but I want/need one of those stickers that says “I voted.” Can I buy one online somewhere?
A: Yes. Please visit for all your voting needs.
Q: I am an avid Obama campaign worker. I keep sleeping with guys and girls who promise me they will vote the Democratic ticket. How far from the voting booth will I need to be in order to exchange sexual favors for votes on election day?
A: The law dictates that you can remain in the voting booth for the entire day, but you cannot make eye contact with any voters."

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