Monday, October 13, 2008

Laundry Alternatives: The Wonder Wash!

I never use a traditional washer or dryer - yes, it's true. I wash all my clothing, sheets, towels, etc by hand and hang them up outside to dry (or over a heat source in the winter). A few years ago a neighbor let me borrow a 'washer' she said was for camping, that you could stick a 5 pound load in & then spin the crank by hand- pressure cleaning your laundry. This thing was not only bad ass, easy to use, and cleaned the ba-jeezus out of my clothes - but it uses no electricity, saves water, and builds really good arm muscle! There are several levels to sustainable living, and besides wanting to wear eco friendly clothing I also want my clothes to get clean enough so they will last longer - but don't want to waste so many resources achieving this. So I got myself a new Wonder Wash of my very own...a fabulous washer that will never need to be plugged in, can travel anywhere, saves resources and costs under $50 !!!
GO here to read more about how it works!


Amish Nick said...

Not only that but it doubles as a butter churn! Hooray!

The Oko Box said...

Amish Nick-
I think you'd have to buy a seperate one for that project... or maybe a DIY butter, also if you are supposed to be amish you should not be buying the plastic Wonder wash, because you know how to build anything you need from scratch! ;)

Susie said...

This is so cool. Even if you had a regular washer (like I do, although in my defense, it's a energy/water efficient front-load model), you could use this little washer for smaller loads. GREAT idea!! On the wish list.