Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Must Read: Learning From Disabilities

This post I am linking to here by blogger Lou Cheese of Living With Multiple Chemical Sensitivities is an absolutely amazing heartfelt story in what one learns when walking on a different side of life then you had before. I believe this is a must read because each of us encounters people with varying disabilities each day and it's time we all take a step back and realize a smile or look in the eye can make all the difference to someone we pass on the street.
Make the world a better place to live...
Check it out here~!


Susie said...

I had to read Lou's post several times to get the full impact. He got up into the Spiritual Realization realm, for sure, in a Beautiful way.

The Oko Box said...

Absolutely! There were alot of levels to his post, spiritual, human, humorous, and emotional. I really felt that since he explained how he had been on both sides, it made it even more powerful. Lou Cheese rocks and I really look forward to reading his blog posts each week.