Thursday, October 9, 2008

Organic Panties Make the Perfect Gift

I used to think possibly I was the only one who wanted panties for every single holiday, but Christmas at The Oko Box last year told me different. Giving the gift of undies is the perfect holiday present, that can be given with multiple meanings - I mean, how many gifts can be given by your mom or boyfriend and take on such a different feeling! Thus making it an incredible and usually affordable holiday gift!
You can get dye free organic cotton basics starting at under $20, Ecoland and The Organic Cotton Company provide luxuriously clean & pristine panties, bra and undershirts perfect for those avoiding chemicals & frilly stuff.
One step above basics, are the comfy skivvies that come with adorable and sexy flare - cute lace & deep beautiful colors - the price tag for the set is a little higher at approximately $60, but stays in an affordable range. The hottest part of these (pictured above and below) is they are made locally with locally woven organic cotton and each piece is made to order, cutting out manufacturing waste!
Now we've moved into a level I would call eco lingerie - best given as a gift to your lover or to yourself (maybe not so good to get from a relative! ew!) There are several designs of Clare Bare eco lingerie that are the MOST affordable sets on the market! These beauties have retro flare, artistic quality, ruffles, frills and the kind of cuteness that makes it a top seller to many male customers for their special lady love. Prices start as low as $24 !!!
Enamore eco luxury lingerie - this is the highest level of sinfully sexy gift giving, and will top out as the highest priced starting at $64 for a pair of the luscious knickers. Personally, it doesn't matter who gives this to you, just take it and love the hell out of it (and vice versa, give it to anyone and everyone)! They are beautiful, flawlessly made, fabulous eco fabrics, and designed to last year after year - the fun never runs out. Enamore makes investment pieces that retain a classic pin up style that will never be outdated in your lifetime. So do indulge.
Find these styles and much more at The Oko Box!


Burly nick said...

Yes. I've always loved it when people bought me panties for holidays. And you have the best!

R.K.YADAV said...

Good idea.Never thought about the same.Definitely its going to take a memorable moments in my love life.