Thursday, October 30, 2008

Read a Paperless E Book

Even those of us who are the most astute environmentally conscious still love to read a good book - but dang, all that paper uses up a ton of trees and energy. I always buy my books used now but another really cool alternative is to read E Books! The one I currently love is free and called Denver Cereal at On A Limb With Claudia, which is a weekly release of serial fiction that you follow chapter by chapter. Much in the vein of a soap opera (which I was bottle fed Young & the Restless, Capitol and Guiding Light growing up) Denver Cereal never lacks for action and always leaves you hanging at some vital moment...until next week!

Do you know any good eco E Books online? Please share links to them!


Denver Cereal said...

Gosh, Leslie! Thanks so much for the plug! I am grateful for your time reading - and delighted that you enjoy the Denver Cereal.

We are small, but growing. So thank you again for the link and the plug!

Claudia at Denver Cereal

The Oko Box said...

Thanks Claudia for writing in!
I had the wrong links up at first since my computer was fritzing- but now they are fixed and ya'll can go read Denver Cereal (as opposed to somehow being misled to yahoo news.. lol)