Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Name This Bug (because I can't)

Meet "Little Head", a bug I have no clue what the hell it is - except it resembles a stink bug, but do stink bugs have micro sized heads with one big tooth? Little Head is not so tiny him/herself, it's body is quite large and far outweighs it's brains, it can move very fast and reacts to humans in a skiddish paranoid way. (This trait makes me wonder if Little Head is distant ancestor of mine? Looks prehistoric, check out that fabulous dino power back!!!)
Little Head also has wings & I am really glad LH chose not to fly around while I was taking pics, because it was a little scary thinking it may be an aggressive stink bug hybrid.
The last two pictures are for scaling, to show LH's size - riding a rusty horse and sitting on a bike seat.
Can anyone name this bug? The person who can guess the true scientific name of Little Head will get a 20% discount at The Oko Box!


Nick bug said...

Whoa that bug is pretty awesome. Fun what we can find right around our houses.

Indy said...

That's an assassin bug. Assassin bugs are kind of a big group- I've also heard that kind there (the ones with the spikes on their backs) called "wheelbugs".

Arilus cristatus is the latin.
They're really aggressive predators, eat a lot of other bugs, and lay clusters of eggs in black, hexagonal shaped patterns on tree bark. They give a nasty bite. Very common at my parent's place back in Virginia.
IWHowlett .

The Oko Box said...

You guessed it! How awesome~~!!! I am glad I didn't get bit by this thing, since when I took the pics I had no clue what it was and that it gave a mean bite. It's nymphs are all over my back porch. :)
I will email you your coupon!