Saturday, June 4, 2011

LOcal WrestlinG, the STW Anarchy Co.


Back when I lived in Big Sandy Mush (oh how i miss the BSM & it's sunny valley)... I used to ride my bike, or get a ride on Bort's scooter to the BLue Ridge Championship Wrestling matches at the community center. It was all there was to do around there. And it was awesome.
Of course i don't really fit in with the crowd but that never made me less loved or accepted at these events.
Recently I discovered there is some local wrestling (somewhat) nearby where I am living now! But over down in Haywood County....

Was it any less? Any more? Any different? Then the wrestling I dared to watch before?

Shit if I know. Maybe all of the above.
All i do know, is i laughed and screamed the entire time - Anarchy wrestlers do alot of yelling and talking, to each other and the crowd. They used chairs, ladders, face slapping, name calling. They told children in the audience to "shut up" and there seemed to be little boundaries once the testosterone got rolling.
It is in my opinion performance art, on every level. Someone could argue with me that it's not, but I wont listen. As redneck as these things may seem to some, there is serious endurance involved, serious acting, creative thinking, and some of those jumps are WOW... I was totally entertained.

Here are the highlights of local wrestling in Clyde , NC -------- It's a FULL on beat down!!

PS--- the titty twister is of course, my favorite part!


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Joe said...

You need to read daily.
The problem with you not wanting to stay year round may be too late. The world markets are collapsing - riots everywhere. Barry is killing this country. Rural land and cabins are selling like crazy. My land has tripled. Now is the time to make it work. Good luck kid.