Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Grey Snake

MORE Snakkesss! Yesssss!
This is so cool. It's like a snake-a-thon out here the last two days. And all friendly snakes too, i think maybe it's a sign. Of what? I dont know.... but i could make up a buncha silly stuff it could mean.... and i am going to right now....
like :::
  • Dont judge a snake just cause its a snake, look closely at it's nature/attitude
  • I can find bunches of cool shit on my own (no need to lament aloneness making it harder to find bad ass stuff in nature.)
  • sometimes you get what you wish for, especially if it is obscure and easy to deliver, like seeing snakes or lunar moths
  • and if i think hard with my hippy mind.... i am SURE it means my kundilini is a' risen' (and i want to note here that spell check wanted to change "Kundilini" to "cunnilingus".)
  • According to my "Animal Speaks" book.... it means Rebirth. That the snake represents swift fast changes and shifts, and healing... AKA, phoenix rising from the ash in fast forward! that is me!
Is this a garter snake? I can't remember.
I love him regardless of his name though.


Oldfool said...

You are an amazing girl and I like you more everyday. Get Well.
I shake the medicine rattle your direction everyday. It's not very powerful and it is handmade but it is what I got.

Jessica said...

Awesome! Yes, she definitely looks like a garter snake. Today I just saw 2 garter snakes hanging out together next to my yard - they looked a bit different (yellow side stripes, no spots) but similar shape & dorsal stripe. I've seen them around the house for couple years now, adults and young ones - yaay!

I really enjoy reading your blog - thanks for all the amazing pics!

Anonymous said...

Your tight hot garden needs another treatment from my rock solid snake.

C.S. said...

kundalini |ˌkʊndəˈlɪni|
(in yoga) latent female energy believed to lie coiled at the base of the spine.
• (also kundalini yoga) a system of meditation directed toward the release of such energy.
ORIGIN Sanskrit, literally ‘snake.’

From the dictionary on my computer.

Sean said...

Speaking of garter snakes...


One copperhead I can deal with. I don't know about this though.