Sunday, June 5, 2011

Little Friendly Snake (Ring Necked)

YAY! I havent seen a snake in forever. In fact, i was feeling a bit sad about the fact that there seemed to be no snakes around the Luck Cabin at all in spite of all the water & wilderness... i am not used to a snakelessness existence. I used to live in a house so full of snakes, it woulda made Indiana Jones's skin crawl (on the sofa, under the fax machine, on the kitchen counter, swinging from the front porch, hanging over the bed board!)

My cat Toots brought this little cute snake into my bedroom. I knew he was not poisonous, so i scooped him up and got a closer look at the cute little face... the slithering tongue, and made a friend.
A yellow belly, and grey skin.... and small yellow ring around it's neck - which give it it's simple namesake as the "ring neck snake". (makes it easy to remember that it doesnt pose a threat, they rarely bite.)
I have only seen really tiny ones, this one was actually the longest one i have ever held.
:)))) I like how its tail end curls and wiggles.
(of course, i spared this snake from my cat, and put it near a log pile outside to hide.)


Sean said...

A few weeks ago one evening after reading your dwarf peach tree post, I went out to my garden to check out my own dwarf peach. Looking down at the low rock wall that makes up one side of the garden I saw, for the very first time on my life, a real live copperhead. There was no mistaking the tan, light brown, and dark brown diamondish markings. Luckily I saw only the tail end as it slithered underneath the rocks. Best end of a venomous snake. Snakes don't bother me. I'm just glad that I didn't step on it considering how close I was to it. Teaches me not to go out walking in my own yard at twilight. Peace.

Majoofi said...

don't let lady grey see it.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

WOw Sean....

copperheads are really shy, so unless you are very aggressive with them, usually they stay still or hide. I think they are beautiful snakes, and if you dont get bit, then how awesome is it to get to see one and be that close!!!

I dont walk around at night much... but it's a whole another world for sure. I think i should get myself some night vision goggles.