Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sick of being SICK! (Ginger. Lemon. Honey Tea)

I have been sick for an entire week now....
and i am soooooo sick of it. I have no idea what is wrong with me, but the whole thing has gotten so old.
I can still eat, but nausea and running to the toilet seem to be my mornings and nights now. It's so draining. In the span of time i have been sick in my life, a week is really nothing --- but since i have missed half my life due to illness, i would say i have less patience then i once kept stored up. This is driving me bonkers and kinda freaking me out. (Flashbackksss).

A few things could have happened :::

1. I went out to a party and to wrestling and may have caught something creepy from the other humans. Everyone knows rednecks carry germs. My friends do too.
Although, i have no fever, no aches, no symptoms of having caught anything at all.
2. I jumped in my pond with my duck and swam around in the mud. parasites?
3. Celiac Sprue...... i blame most everything on this silly disease i have. Mainly cause it causes everything digestively wrong and is so easy to accidentally get something in my mouth to trigger it...
4. I am preggers for the christ child, and he thinks me having diarrhea is a character building sacrifice. Alternately... some other dude's baby.
5. the new strain of E. Coli really is in the USA?

SO, i made some of this fancy tea...
my famous Ginger Lemon Honey Tea.... except i added strawberries this time.
All you do is bring it all to a boil and let it sit (then add honey).
The thing is, this gets rid of illnesses that are contagious (flus and colds and sore throats).... it might even fuck up a parasite or two, cause ginger is powerful like that. But i know, it will do nothing for my celiac sprue or the second coming of christ and i dont know about E.Coli.


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Anonymous said...

Get better soon...and not by birthing anything!!! :-)