Saturday, June 11, 2011

Strange Shrimp Headed Bug (with wings)

OMfreakin'Gawd.... check this insect out! What is going on here? It's amazingly freaky, uncommon, and almost looks like a bottom feeder from the ocean, but with tattered dragonfly wings!
Antenna a bit like a moth... legs strong like a grasshopper or cockroach.... construction like an alien from a horror movie.
If you saw this thing and it happened to be bigger then you, you would know for sure it was your last moments.
Mr. ShrimpHead got irritated with me taking photos of it, and opened it's damn mouth only to reveal a BIG yellow abyss, looking like the gates to hell, or like maybe a whole 'nother bug in and of itself. Bug monster within bug monster..... like looking in the hotel room bathroom mirror, where your reflection never ends.

I touched it very lightly once with a stick and it was very quick to be aggressive..... I backed off because I didn't want that yellow mouth piece to touch me. Ever.

Anyone know what kind of creature this is?



Anonymous said...

Looks like a fishfly

Anonymous said...

How big?

jenny miller said...

Yes, it looks like a fishfly. We've been getting several in the house.

Joe said...

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Majoofi said...

That bug is gonna give me nightmares.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed by the variety of insects you are finding and posting on your blog. It almost seems alien at times.

I guess everyplace has particular variations that are different though.

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

That is a female dobsonfly, the adult form of the helgrammite. The males tend to have huge pincers that look like horns on their heads. They are a good sign of water quality.



BioBob said...

It is indeed probably a "Fishfly", likely in the genus Chauliodes rather than the closely related Dobsonfly. The larvae can be found in places like your pond and feed on aquatic insects, snails, fish, and whatever else it can grab and hold (probably not ducks).

For more info, you can check this out:

or check wikipedia, which is a bit 'off'

Jeeyum said...

Lacewing. You hear'um more than see'um.

Anonymous said...

I just found one of these and have it in a jar tryin to findout what it is too!!! So wierd looking!!!