Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My New Baby DUCKS! yay!

OMGawd OMG omg omg. My uncle brought me baby ducks today! And built a little fenced area for them to stay safe, and they have their own little rubber tub to swim in until they get big enough to hang out with the big boy duck!
holy crap, they are too cute to be true. Really, it makes my eyes water!
.... i wish everything in the universe could be seen with pure joy the way people see baby ducks. Maybe i will start practicing baby duck vision. That asshole (who did whatever assholes do to people), pretend he's a baby duck.
Cause baby ducks make everything in life much better.


Mokihana and Pete said...

We have five of them critters in the garage. They grow fast, love Pete (think he's momma) and when it's warmer they'll go with the big waddlers across the orchard.

Cute stuff, yah.
Mokihana C.

Anonymous said...

what kind of ducks are these and how old er they? My son won one...and we want to get some companions for the little thing, but have no idea how old it is or what kind it is... thanks!