Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Leslie VS Parasites

Oh yeah.
the battle is ON! I am equipped now with Parasite killing meds, probiotics, and salty stuff to take mineral baths in. No more of this losing weight, diarrhea, sick, grossness.....
Time to DiE parasites!!!!! I've had enough of your shit (so to speak). I am bigger, more awesome, and gonna win.

And I have a little special dedication song for them.....
Dedicated to myself and the enemy who lives inside me! lol

BTW--- ten years ago i took the same natural parasite killing substances (black walnut hulls and Chinese wormwood) and it made me a bit.... mean (angry?) for the duration. Please excuse me, while i go in and out of stability the next week (or 3).



BioBob said...

you could try on of these in future instead of poisoning yourself

or simply dose your drinking water with bleach

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

hey BioBob....

i swam in my pond... and didnt put my head underwater.

But i want to say, in my opinion bleach is a poison also...
poison to kill poison? I dont know, there must be better solution to water purification than that!

My drinking water however is fine here, purest in the state of NC i am told. It is boxed in and has no livestock anywhere near it for hundreds of acres, comes from the ground through some rocks. And gravity feeds down the mountain side to the house.

The parasite meds seem to be making a difference within 24 hours already.... some slight changes. BUT
talk about poison.
Sheesh, killing those assholes doesnt feel good.

Sean said...

I thought BioBob was being serious until he mentioned dosing your water with household bleach. That's all good and well when a hurricane demolishes your neighborhood, floods out the sewers, and the water for miles around gets contaminated with dead animals, people, and raw sewage. But that's not the situation here. Not to mention how chlorine (in whatever amount) might affect someone with celiac disease and MCS on top of that. I hope the black walnut and Chinese wormwood do the trick.

Speaking of wormwood, you could always swill Absinthe! Guess that's not an option either... ;-]

Crumbsnatcher said...

hey Leslie :) been following your progress @ Luck Cabin off and on since last year - was looking for Firefly pics and ran across your blog. in any case, you might want to investigate food grade diatomaceous earth use & consumption as it relates to internal parasites and the like (all natural, affordable, effectice). in any case, I hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie - have you heard about oregon grape root for parasites? I've heard from several sources that it works really well on giardia - its a very powerful medicine.

BioBob said...

I don't know if you actually have a bacterial infection nor where you might have gotten it from if you do. But basic water supply hygiene is easy. Treating any infection is a separate issue entirely.

If bleach wasn't a poison, there wouldn't be any point in using it, would there? EVERYTHING IS A POISON in the correct concentration and depending on how it's used.

The chlorine added to drinking water does its job and very quickly "dies a normal death" in doing its job.

Ever hear of NaCl ? table salt, the ultimate fate of most bleach added to water in seconds. Most of the rest out-gasses to give bleach its characteristic scent.

Chlorine is a very common element and required for life. Your body contains over 70 grams of chlorine.

The miniscule amount of sodium hypochlorite added to water for disinfection are changed in the period required for disinfection (less than an hour). The vast majority of municipal water systems routinely add bleach (sodium hypochlorite) 365 days a year, every year and have for decades.

Should you drink pure bleach ? no, it is an oxidizing agent which is why it kills bacteria and viruses. Is it safe to drink bleach after it has dosed water for an hour ? Yes. Billions of people do it everyday without harm.

If you are worried about it, use the 1st choice, reverse osmosis. It's pretty cheap, and effective.

There is a word for dosing yourself with unknown concentrations of so called homeopathic organic chemicals designed by millions of year of evolution to kill plant predators, without consulting a physician. But don't let that stop you.

Just because there aren't any farms or livestock in your area doesn't mean there can't be any animal sourced bacterial water contamination. Wildlife of all kinds routinely vector bacteria and viruses. Mice, racoons, birds, moles, shrews, deer, insects, etc. If you get these infections more than once, then your water supply is suspect.

Ask yourself - does a bear shit in the woods ? LOL

And Sean, I am dead serious, complete with a PhD. Learn something sometime.

Sean said...

Bob: I've worked in environmental consulting for over 20 years so I'm well aware of why municipal water supplies use chlorination as a method of disinfection. Also, if you bothered to read my posts elsewhere on Leslie's blog, you'll know that my suggestions were for her to see a physician, and to have her spring checked out for the natural contaminant sources that you mentioned. So not only are you late with "your" suggestions, but your post completely ignores the fact that Leslie has both celiac disease and multiple chemical sensitivity.

"Learn something sometime."

I have. Such as an ad hominem attack (read: insult) such as yours is no substitute for a rational argument, and that claiming to have a Ph.D. in an unspecified subject does nothing to enhance ones credibility. I'm surprised that an apparently knowledgeable person such as yourself would've stooped so low.


mokihana said...

Take care, dear.
xoxo Mokihana