Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Moths On My Porch

Not everyone can be a giant beautiful Lunar Moth .... if you happen to notice them, the camo colored tiny moths are just as spectacular & unusual. But they blend in so well, it's not often I see any of these unless they come to my porch light and i squint closely at the wooden cabin walls to find them.
This first one, i have three pics of it because i have never seen this one before in my life... also it's curly wings and fuzzy face are amazingggg. Have speckled dots that almost resemble black glitter doesn't hurt either. :)))
Then there is a whole genre of moth that sticks it's ass out. Much like ladies do when walking and flirting, or dancers in a good music video.
Subtle stripes!
And this one below.... is like a ghost, a ghost who's love lies bleeding. Because for some reason to me it looks like it has a head wound. Zombie moths attack???
and this big grey guy has been around the last week. A round hemlet head and big wings!

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