Monday, June 6, 2011

Brown Snake in the Barn

YAY! today i saw two more snakes when i went to put hay out for JuJu the donkey. Just when i was feeling sad about not seeing enough snakes, now three in 24 hours! I found this one slithering around the barn (the other one was too fast for me to take pictures of. Neither was as cute as the Ring Necked Snake, which totally has a smile.) :))
This snake was scared of me, wasn't too aggressive... but i could tell it was very willing to get aggressive if need be. I have seen copperheads who are much more shy then this little guy.
Various shades of brown, with a tan belly... and a pattern that really looks like we could play checkers on it. And those orange eyes!

Does anyone know the scientific name for this snake?


jason said...

You've had some cool stuff around lately. Thanks for sharing more of it the past few days. :)

jason said...

ps. I found this blog and thought you would like it if you haven't seen it.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Jason! thanks :)) i have not seen that blog, i will have to check it out! XoxoxX
Did you go to a Tom Brown talk, i wasnt sure i read that right on your blog?

Liberty said...

I think it's a 'brown snake'.
Not sure if it's northern or midland. they used to be called DeKay's snake. They are one of my favourite snakes. Usually pretty gentle.

jason said...

Yeah it was Tom Brown Jr.'s son. It was pretty neat. He did some classes too but they were lots of money.

Jeeyum, ageeyun said...

Checkurd Garder Snake?

Yeah... I'm usin' my red-neck voice. :)