Monday, June 21, 2010

Not Trespassing: She's My Trailer Pie

OK... I am not going to lie - this abandoned trailer, although cute and pink is not for sale. But I swear I never saw that black and white sign above my head that said I wasn't supposed to fall into the trap of my curiosity. How's a girl to have fun in the middle of the woods, unless she explores some mysteries? This trailer contains several genre of freaky that pulled me towards it and even inside it, like a bug to a bug light...
It seemed to be loved and cared at some time - by someone who planned to come back and continue to love their peachy hide out in the woods...
but as the inscription in the concrete says " The Mathus's 1985", I am kinda thinking shortly after the late 80's maybe no one ever came back.
Bort came with me, which added a layer of fun... two sets of eyes see twice as much creepy, and also I enjoy greatly watching someone else jump when something touches them or falls cause everything around is a quiet horror.
It smelled of mold, and that old rotten funk of things from the 1970's and 1980's when moisture begins to eat them into non existence. The kitchen area had picnic plates and hard plastic fake flowers at the table - things placed in such a way as if someone had made them tidy while letting the walls fall down around them - a skitzzzzophrenic sort of decay.
There were old furnishings, like a snazzy old leather sofa, a bed with sheets still on it, a cot, a lawn chair --- then odd shit like a big rain barrel thrown in the living area.
There was this cool rusted old wood stove, which I LOVED because I used to have one just like it at my favorite house in Marshall NC - I had gotten mine at the thrift store and it had a sort of sentimental value that I can't describe - except it touched on my love of the lifestyle I live.
At the front broken window was a table with utensils on it, with this beautiful old 70's steak knife. A fake wood handle, with floral decor and instead of being "made in china" it was "made in England" !
The back door was open, the lock busted --- unlike the front which strangely had a pad lock on it, even though every window was busted so big you could stick half your body in it and reach over.
Also, next to the door was this cool handle .... door handle, or handle jus' ta' help ya on in tha' door????
Inside that door was a small back bedroom full of broken glass and wire cots and bed frames. A sliding door closet, and a little mirrored medicine cabinet.
THE BATHROOM was most volatile!!!! Freaking awesome plastic tile floor which brought me back to my childhood, the floors in my Paw Paw's cajun house down in the swamps of raceland , LA... nobody makes these brick red and psychedelic patterns anymore.
The bathroom itself, was a nightmare beyond all nightmares - It woulda made my OCD mom faint, and put the fear of instant death into the chemically sensitive, and plain grossed out most humans.

Ya see that bright f-en green junk in the toilet, that jus' a bit o' ANTI-Freeze. WTF?
With some tennis shoes in the bathroom sink.....

And bunches of cigarette ashes in the soap dish/ toothpaste holder....


Was my favorite feature .... the sink that leads to nowhere with no water ! Playing pretend is always fun!
That sink is just set up out in the yard, but not far at all from the trailer, ya see?
I was thinking about setting up all the plates, utensils and glasses (from the kitchen) up like a ghost picnic at the awkwardly tall black metal and wooden table out front..... but thought maybe scaring the locals would be a bad thing.....

WOuld YoU have done it?
PS - the title of this post "she's my trailer pie" refers to a spoof on this song.


Gretta said...

That is neat and almost sad. Like you got to look at the life someone had and loved but never got back to.

Gratuitous said...

Well, I'm not so sure there weren't more recent intruders/residents. Abandoned homes tend to attract visitors (sound like anyone we know?) and squatters, especially if "furnished." Privacy for seedy goings-on or needed shelter; who knows?

I thought I'd seen flooring like that for sale in these modern times so I searched but didn't find much. But I had some fun with this:

Check out #18, not the same but similar feel! And #19 reminded me of acid trips, not the good kind but the bad kind where you throw up at first.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Gretta - I know there is a real weird feeling when someone intends to come back and leaves it all behind to decay - it has a beauty frozen in time, and then also this feeling like it needs someone to come take over and care for it.
I am looking up the tax records on this one today...

Gratu -
Oh my gawd, #19 is what they should bring back, but instead of making ugly plastic floors they should press real ceramic tiles.... beeeaUtiful. I don't know why, but I really like those ...
I also liked the one called "Oh so 80's" with the little star bursts!!
Shag carpet though? GROssss.

Anonymous said...

I used to live in an old 50's era trailer down by the river--all birch wood interior--I loved the design and I keep an eye out now for one to restore and put on my property. I stumbled on your blog and have enjoyed reading a few posts--Kirk from North Idaho

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Kirk (aka anonymous) -
That sounds really cool, i considered getting an Air Stream before finding my Luck Cabin.... i looked up the tax records on this property and i really would love to buy it & make it nice again.
The people who own appear to live only 25 miles away from the little trailer island (it's 1 acre) so I figure if ya that close and don't care, ya might want to sell it --- To ME! :)

Stephanie Rogers said...

Dang, I could use an oven like that. And the wood stove. These are the little things I'm keeping an eye out for, to save money on my little house.

Abandoned places like this are always a draw for me too, especially when it has the feel of a life on pause, decaying possessions waiting for the return of their owner.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Stephanie!

old wood stove= awesomeness
old electric stove = your worst electric bill of your life!

I totally got an old 70's stove once when I lived in Marshall, it looked just like the one in this ole' trailer.... girl my electric bill went from 35$ a month to 350$ !!!!!!! It was so out of wack and old it was sucking electric even when it wasn't on!

There was an old cook top from the 70's here in the Luck cabin too, i turned it's breaker off and loathed the thing with fear of big bills.... my uncle came and took it out for me. Thank gawd and babeeey jezuz. :)

I put another stove in, a little "holiday" electric, smallest regular stove you can get- but i have always been ok with just a hot plate and toaster oven.

Stephanie Rogers said...

Holy crap! Yeah, I definitely want to avoid crazy high power bills, especially since we're thinking about going off grid if possible (i.e., if we can save enough cash for a small solar setup). I think I might get a propane powered stove anyway, probably something out of an RV. For us, an oven is a necessity because my husband basically exists on homemade pizza.