Friday, June 25, 2010

Large Brown Fuzzy 'Owl Eye' Moth

HOw beautiful is this moth? I know I have said everything tiny (aka little bugs & baby animals) is cute, but when things that are usually tiny are really big, they are freakin' amazin'!
Ya'll might remember those feathery antennae from the Guessing Game the other day! Do ya still think it's a male lunar moth?
The false 'eyes' on the wings are for protection from predators - to trick them into thinking there are some big eyes staring back at them and they might actually be the prey instead. Pretty cool trick... :)



kirk said...

moths are amazing--years ago i was watering my flowers and i saw what i thought was a hummingbird come in to one of the flowers but the color was wrong and it was kind of brown and fuzzy--it was a hummingbird moth--did't know they even existed. Do you have those at your place too?

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Kirk!
I do have those hummingbird Moths here! I love them, I put pictures up of one last year before I knew what they were, i think I called it a hummingbird Bee because I thought it was a giant bee! Some people think they are tiny baby hummingbirds - which would be cool, but i love that they are really a moth :))))