Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Bat

This little bat fell down from the eaves of my cabin onto a ladder.... seeing a bat during the day is really neat because I could get a good look at how awesome, fuzzy, and sweet it was.
One thing I noticed, that also happens with large moths (like the Lunar Moth) is right before the bat prepares to fly it begins shaking or vibrating for at least 30 seconds or more then takes off into the air. This usually makes me think it's really stressed out and having a panic attack - but I think it may have some biological purpose in preparation for it's escape flight.
Look how fuzzy wuzzy. I almost touched it just to see... but it flew underneath my cabin to hide again and get a good day's rest before a nightly feast. I hope the bat eats up all the stupid mosquitoes coming out in the summer heat, cause they keep trying to eat me. :)


1 comment:

Jodie said...

What a cute little fellow! I love bats, I find it kinda hilarious that my partners Dad is absolutely petrified of them 'XP
Anyways, I did hear on a doco recently that bats need to warm up before they fly, often they bunch up an all vibrate together to produce heat before they go out to hunt (I think it might be a recent discovery...) Bees do the same thing I believe.
Also, sweet photos! : )