Friday, June 18, 2010

Guessing Game: WTF is This??!!

YAY, I know how ya'll like these guessing games - (if anyone's still around after my month of no computer, ha!)
As always this is something in nature, something that could look like something else --- the neat way most things mimic each other in shape or function.

Here is your HINTS:
  • It will fly
  • It is soft and delicate
  • It is nocturnal

Alright ya'll got 3 days, WTF is it?



Ben Garland said...

I think I knew it before you even gave the clues:

Moth antennae?

Anonymous said...

I concur with Ben. It is an insect of some sort.

Gratuitous said...

Male Luna moth antennae?

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Ya'll totally got it --- it's a giant moth's Antennae.....
I will have to make these MUCH harder from now on, ya'll are getting way good!


PS_ Gratu.... can you send a picture link to the male lunar moth?

Gratuitous said...

So cool that the male has the big ol' bushy antennae to detect the female's pheromones. Also cool is how rare it is to see a luna moth at all, given that they only live for a week as adults!

Long url, but good for comparison: