Tuesday, June 29, 2010

(Not) Trespassing: The Blue Shack

Decay doesn't have to take 100 years, sometimes just in your own life span humans can build things, and watch their tiny personal empire fall to pieces. There's always a hidden story, a mini drama, a loss, forgotten time or sometimes a death these places hold onto... but for the blue shack not very much longer.

Ya might notice there isn't any No Trespassing signs on this property, and that is because it is for sale - under $100,000 with 13 acres! ( If you want to know where it's located in Western North Carolina, send me an email.)
The house is caving in. Literally. Porch posts leaning into a V shape, if you step on the covered porch floor boards your foot will go through it. Windows are broken, wood is bending, pieces of the roof are falling off.... yet it still holds it's bright blue spirit, you can still read some of the dreams that were afloat when it was built.
The back of the house pushes up to a rather steep hill, which is probably why the blue paint has washed off, the wall is pushing outward under the weight of the roof.... even a piece of the whole back wall has opened up and a freakin' lawn chair is poking out! Somehow that is creepy.
Peeking into the windows, I didn't find much on the inside of the house --- the usual anticipation to see something beautiful in it's last run of decay was not really even there...
Unless you feel a toilet seat is beautiful....
The ceiling is peeling off in sheets, which shows the rafters.... the rafters are the only thing about the structure that still looks stable. "Stable" being used real loosely.
Since there was 13 more acres of mystery to explore, I set off up the long winding road that led back up the side of the mountain. Plants & wildlife abound...

The Fiddle Head Fern... Edible when it first shoots up in the spring.Raspberries!!! Mmmmmm - the berries will pop out those hairy shells....
Blackberries ..... about to be ripe!
Woodland Nettles and Jewelweed growing in patches together.... ( so if the nettles sting you, you can put the jewelweed on your skin to sooth it!)
Pokeberry.... not yet ready to use for dye, but the white flowers turn into dark purple berries. You can eat the young plant in the spring, but not the berries or the mature plant (although i have heard people debate this!)
Bloodroot! My favorite native plant eva' ! The root is used for dye and medicine.
Mountain Mint?? Some kind of minty, menthol, bee balm smelling herb that grows in the woods here....

More HUMAN STUFF :::::::
In places along the road there was old fencing, from when this land was most likely a pasture with some type of domesticated animal... I have heard stories from locals about how their parents or grandparents made pasture by digging around & cutting roots of trees then having them pulled by mules out the ground. That's a shit ton of work!
There was also a small hidden barn, with wide open slats --- it was totally covered in thorny wild roses making it impossible for me to go inside or get near it!
In a lil' nook I saw this cinder block built contraption, that upon closer examination I realized was an old spring water box....
I would not be drinking the water from this thing anymore- it was full of mud and I did not see water in it... either that spring has run dry or the box was old enough to have a leak down below.
Even though there had been a big huge rain storm just last night, I still found a few bits of evidence left by the wildlife on that property.
First, coyote scat (poop) totally rained on so hard that most the poop part was gone and all that was left was the huge hair glob left from the little critters it had eaten.
Then a fresh deer track in the mud, it slid a little downward because of the steep part of the path...
right next to the deer track was a patch of jewelweed (see the pic below) that the tops of the plants were eaten off....
THE ROAD ENDS :::::::::
The long long long road ended at the top of a ridge, which behind the trees you could see lots of mountains.
On my way back down I stopped to take a pic with the rocks being exposed from the erosion along the road... I LOVE big funky rocks! ANd I loooooove (not) trespassing. :)


Gretta said...

You don't love the toilet seat?

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Gretta! ha
You know, it's like there are so many differnt kinds of love... love for ya mom, love for ya siblings, love for toilet seats in a dirt pile in a abandoned house.

Gretta said...

I feel a haiku coming on...

Our love is dirty
Like the bowl of a toilet
In a broken house

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Oh my gawd Gretta your Haiku was awesome. seriously.