Monday, February 22, 2010

I See Dead Things

It's not everyday I walk into something like this in the woods, but there was obviously a frenzy of activity up there beneath the trees ... tracks everywhere, holes dug, scat and then I walked almost right on top this fresh skull and jaw bone. Still partly red with blood, still pink flesh hanging off the bone, preserved in the icy snow.
My guess is it's a opossum or raccoon skull. Maybe groundhog or feline too?
Made me think I should stop making those jokes about a coyote possibly eating my face off... which I jest about after hearing them howl nearly 5 night a week now.


Lou Cheese said...

When I'd take my German Shepherd out for long walks in the country we'd come across things like that all the time. It was most likely a pack of coyotes, they'll strip a carcass like that and just about the only things left are a jaw bone and the hooves.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Mr. Cheese -

I was thinking it was coyotes too, but was confused by the lack of fresh tracks in the snow. There were some older partly melted canine prints, but the skull & jaw seemed so fresh. Maybe cause it was on ice though?
That area is where I hear the coyotes howling from in the evening and sometimes in the morning.