Sunday, February 7, 2010

Help Me Come Up With A DONKEY CALL!

Ok, so I have not gotten my donkey yet cause I have to wait till I move to my new place... which I have to find still. But of course there is never a day that doesn't pass when I don't plan every little nuance of my life with my future donkey friend. I think about giving it hugs, riding slowly down the road together, making it a unicorn horn hat, sewing some regal velvet accessories so that it can feel like a king or queen, and I spend time daydreaming about how it will love me so much that when I give the 'special call' it will run right to me.
But what is that special call? I never can quite pin point it in my imagination, cause I am shy like that... I have a hard time yelling out.

Ya'll help me come up with a special whistle/sound/call for my future donkey... and here is the criteria:
  • humorous so that every time I call it out it makes me smile
  • not derogatory or negative in anyway
The only place my mind went was to when kermit the frog is making fun of miss piggy in the Muppets Take Manhattan (cause he's lost his memory) and he calls out "SOO -WEE" ! I didn't like that though, Miss Piggy punches him out after and I certainly don't want my donkey to knock me out.... ya'll must know some funny whistle, song, words I could borrow?



richat said...

Um. Its totally obvious. "Hey lemme ride dat donkay donkay" (as in the 95 South version)

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

OMGAWD..... that is gonna be our theme song, lol!!!

Lou Cheese said...


Leslie's Gone Oko said...


You are so good at names! Do you realize you named my electric bike? Peewee!
Which was perfect, except that i only road it 4 miles before it malfunctioned and broke. So I have to send peewee back to the factory and they are sending me a new bike.
Do you think I have to name the new bike a new name?

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