Friday, February 12, 2010

Creating A Sustainable Dream Part 3

Do ya remember this drawing I did back in November, a sketch of my sustainable dream? I drew it on a tax record for some random land on HWY 209 in Hot Springs and made a list above the drawing of things I wished for... asked for? Required?... in order to make myself a totally eco minded, organic, animal friendly, surrounded by wildlife home. Now look at the cabin below that I found for sale...
Even the porch with the overhang, and stove pipe for the wood stove coming out the roof is in the exact place I drew it - the windows are too. And the shape, the size, and the house is raised off the ground. The roof pitch is in the direction I drew it too, to hold a loft which this cabin does have. Plus it's off HWY 209 in Hot Springs just like the tax record I drew on. But what is even freakier.... there really is a pond near the cabin just like in the drawing!!! So I am going to share my secret wish list with ya'll, and compare each item to what this place has::: The wish is on the left side, and the reality is on the right side!

1. 10 acres or more --- 8 acres (surrounded by other large wooded properties)
2. Variety of land type, wooded, flat, sloping, steep --- all of the above
3. Pure drinking water, creek, spring, pond --- all of the above!!!
4. Sustainable & stable lifestyle --- um, check (fish in pond, get chickens, gardening with ease)
5. Open space for donkey and chickens --- there is an overgorwn cleared spot... nothing the donkey, chickens, me and a goat can't fix.
6. House, old cabin, or place to build a cabin --- rustic cabin 600 sq ft.
7. under $100,000 --- asking price $99,000
8. Organic gardening area big enough to feed myself --- see #5
9. Adjoins nice eco neighbors --- yeah, Llama and sheep farms next door
10. Easy access for getting groceries brought to me, social life --- this one is so-so... ? Who wants to bring me groceries or come for a visit... :)
11. Good dirt --- check, the area is like one giant pure forest with nearly no development for miles and miles
12. Safe for MCS --- yep.
If I can get this close to my list for a house I am thinking I should go ahead and start drawing pictures of myself holding giant wads of cash $$$, winning lotto tickets, with giant abundant gardens all around me. :) Oh, and driving a car again!



Liberty said...

yes, Yes, YES!!!!

This is SO awesome Leslie!

Magnificent manifesting!

Reading this post filled me with... um... awesomeness LOL! It was really inspiring and hopeful!
Thank you for sharing it.
Are you thinking of going for this or have you decided yet?


Erik said...

A car? Screw that.

Picture yourself with a fusion-powered antigravity jetpack that goes ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM over all the smelly cars.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Liberty!
Yeah I am thinking of going for this one. The drawback is it's not near a town but is near a general store and community center.
There needs to be a final viewing of the inside by my realtor... who just so happens to be friends with the owner (total coincedence, i found the ad for it on craigslist).
I feel really thankful for my parents right now, who are helping me make this dream happen. Without their help I am not sure how i would have manifested it.

Maybe i should jus' stick to the donkey. OR draw myself as this all powerful transporter, star trek style.
you are funny! Cause cars do make a stink.

Erik said...

All the cool kids have jet packs.

You want to be cool, don't you?

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

dude - i am cool. In that nerdy cool way. Without a jet pack.
Although... are they similar to the packs the ghostbusters had? Those are really cool.

Mokihana and Pete said...

Great dreamin' Leslie.
Great parents help.
And a jet pack in place of the car, and a donkey for slow goes.

Happpy Lunar Year, dear girl. The Year of the Tiger is definitely roaring for you.

xo Mokihana Gung Hee Fat Choy! Chinese Near Year begins tomorrow, Sunday, also ... V-tine Day.

Everett said...

We recently found our little slice of heaven too. At first we looked around Ashville, but it was too expensive so we gradually worked our way out in a circle until we ended up buying a place in Southwestern VA just over the NC border.

I'd be happy to come visit any time! I'm glad you found a place you can call home, and that being "reclusive" doesn't mean you have to be a crazy redneck. ;-)

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Mokihana!

Happy everything year, cause this is one dream that is coming true!
My parents made an offer and it was accepted. Hot Springs here I come! :)

Everett- you are right...Reclusive doesn't mean redneck, it might be some kind of southern organic shit, but not southern organic militia shit... and there is a big difference. :)
Congrats on moving to your new place in the Appalachian mountains! There is no easier place to grow food and raise animals.

Liberty said...

oh my gosh Leslie!
that is so awesome!
when do you move!
I am so excited for you :-) :-) :-)

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Thanks Liberty!!!
I am super excited, in a way that is almost calm...
should be closing in about ten days and then moving sometime in the warmer weeks right after that!
I am gonna try to ride my electric bike part of the way to get there, to reduce car time. :))))

I am SOooooooOO gonna get ducks to put in that pond!

Wild Canary said...

We are so happy for you...hope all goes smoothly...big hugs to your parents for the takes a village to support a Canary;)
Now when you are ready...somehow...I have Alpine may have one, if we can figure a way to get it you...unless you want a local goat used to the warmer???weather.
there is someone advertising mini donkeys up here right now...didn't see a price:) thinking happy thoughts, hoping and praying...

Amy Lee said...


Thats awesome! I love making must have lists for everything. It sooo helps life manifest. I wrote about my home list on my blog and also included part of my must have guy list, and I met that guy that night. It was surreal! Yet, I forgot to put some important items on the guy list so it was a very short lived love, but crazy fun nonetheless.

Wish you all the best in your new home!

Hmm. Now what to make a list for? I am liking this jetpack idea!